How To Get Married During a Pandemic

Are you starting to feel uncertain about your wedding with Covid-19? My heart goes out to all of the couples who have had to change, postpone, downsize or even cancel their wedding because of the pandemic. I believe I have some helpful informational to share with you and how you can still get married and make the best out of the current situation.

I highly recommend staying informed during this time by visiting governmental organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because the guidelines are constantly changing, be sure to stay updated with your local government as well —for WI, click here.

Although I am keeping up with Covid-19 news, there is truly no way to predict what will happen for the rest of 2020 and 2021/2022. I want you to know that getting married during a pandemic is still —very possible! Imagine the possibilities of eloping, and know that everyone defines an “ELOPEMENT’ differently but let me paint you a picture of what eloping can actually mean for you.

Why do people elope?

There are so many reasons why elopements are becoming ‘the norm’ and couples are choosing to
elope because of the possibilities. Traditional weddings can be overwhelming and some people would rather celebrate
their traditions in a way that is meaningful to them.

What does Elopement mean?

“An elopement is an intentionally small, intimate, meaningful, and authentic wedding experience that is a true reflection of your relationship where the focus of the day is really about you two.”

—Maddie Mae of ‘Adventure Instead’

An elopement means, you are not expected to entertain anyone but to truly focus on your wedding day. Eloping is an option for couples who don’t feel like the traditional route is a right fit for them. Many couples today are choosing adventurous elopements such as, hiking a national park and trading vows in the mountains with a breathtaking view, but if you are a couple who don’t like hiking or don’t enjoy spending your time together in nature —your elopement doesn’t have to be that adventurous. You have so many other options like an urban elopement that includes your closest loved ones or a simple vow exchange at your city hall. The possibilities are endless!

How long should your Elopement day be?

Eloping can be any style and anything you want it to be. If you want to spend your wedding day stress free, then eloping is for you. An elopement is not just a few hours, it’s not exchanging vows, signing your papers and then be done, it isn’t just a photoshoot —it is so much more that that. It is absolutely, 100% still a wedding, it’s YOUR wedding day and it should be a full day because you deserve a full wedding day experience.

My goal is to help you plan and document your wedding day, the way you want it to be. Your wedding experience day will include anything and everything you want, minus traditional norms. So, there are questions you should be asking yourself —

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Who will be present?
Will you wake up to mountain views, in your home, in a cabin or a vacation home?
Do you want to hike to scenic locations or drive there?
Do you want to plan a ceremony at a beach and picnic there?
Do you want to simply do a first look and exchange your vows at the courthouse?
How would your ideal day end?

Every couple has a unique relationship and I believe you both truly deserve to experience your wedding day enjoying it. An elopement can include just the two of you, your photographer and 2nd photographer/or assistant but it can also be your immediate family and friends to celebrate your intimate elopement. Elopements —just like weddings, is a full day and can range anywhere from 6-12 hours. and your timeline will differ from other couples. Below is a checklist that will give you an idea where you can start planning your elopement, please check back as I will write more in-depth blogs to help you plan your epic elopement!


  1. Pick your dream location
  2. Pick a date and season
  3. Set a budget (a realistic outline)
  4. Hire an awesome photographer (one who will help with the planning process and everything in between)
  5. Hire vendors (makeup/hair, florist, officiant etc.)
  6. Create a timeline
  7. Finalize reservations

I hope you find my blog helpful to your wedding planning as I know many of you are bummed out because of Covid -things are definitely looking better. Whether you are already booked with me for your 2021 wedding or a future client, considering an elopement may still be an option for you. You can still have your dream wedding by eloping and I would be honored to help you in the planning process and document your wedding day, let’s connect on the gram @wildlovepursuit, I can’t wait to hear from you!



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