Nov 12, 2021

Interview With Local Florist: Flower Guide

As a woman and small business owner, I am always seeking out and networking with local creative entrepreneurs in the wedding industry. I completely stand behind, Community over Competition and had the amazing opportunity to interview Fawn of Inspired By Nature – Fine Floral Designs.

She is a true artist, not only is she kind hearted but she is very passionate about her work. I can’t wait to dive in to questions you may have when picking out florals for your wedding day.

Connect with Fawn today:

Fawn works out of her studio garage next to her beautiful home. As I walked in, I instantly felt the nostalgia! If you didn’t know, I worked as a floral designer for 2 years in 2012 and a refreshing floral shop scent brings back many memories. The pandemic truly changed the world that affected us all in ways we didn’t expect. Every industry was hit hard financially, so I got some insight about price fluctuations with Fawn. Let’s dive right in!

Where can I use flowers for my ceremony? And why?

It depends on the venue, traditional church weddings, couples often have a few large statement floral arrangements at the front by the altar and some before the aisle so everyone sees them up close. Aisle clusters of greenery and small bouquets are a nice addition.

Everything I design for the ceremony can be reused at the reception! The large florals could be set by the entrance table or in the foyer and even used as centerpieces depending on the style.  Outdoor ceremonies often have a ceremony site such as an arbor or pergola to dress up and swags for signs. Statement floral installations are trending upwards, forgoing traditional arbors.

How do I choose a color palette for my florals?

Wedding florals are based upon the couple’s signature wedding colors, beginning with attire. There are many aspects to choosing a color palette, which can play off of the bridesmaid’s gown colors, the couple’s favorite colors, the season, etc. Complimentary colors are very striking and neutral colors are still going strong for 2022 and 2023 weddings.

What are some creative ideas for flowers at my reception?

If the budget allows, a statement floral piece for the space is always nice. This could be hanging floral installations from the ceiling with a lot of greenery, a backdrop with complimentary florals for the head table, sweetheart table or a photo area. A large statement piece for the entrance area as guests walk into the venue can be a huge wow factor.

I especially like prominent displays such as a lavish head table or King’s table that guests can enjoy throughout the entire evening, many photos are taken here. A “Floral Bar” with chic buckets of flowers and wrapping materials would be a creative way to “favor” guests!

How do you choose the right flowers?

Most often, brides come to me with their favorite inspiration pictures and that is where we start off with choosing florals. I always ask if they have certain flowers to include for significance, flowers that are in season plays a big part, too! Buying what is in season and allowing your florist to work with what is best available in your color scheme will stretch the budget further, giving a similar look and feel to the inspiration. I’m a realist, so if a flower will not be available in the time of the wedding, I let my clients know right away and provide knowledgeable substitutions.

How far in advance to book a florist?

Book your florist as soon as your date is solidified with the ceremony and reception venue. There is a huge demand for quality floral designs and the work is double due to the influx of postponed weddings. I’m seeing this carry out into 2023 even, and now more than ever, florists are receiving many last minute inquiries which leads to disappointment.  

Dried/fake vs real flowers or both? Cost difference?

We only create fresh flower weddings as they are more sustainable and can be returned to the earth, high quality silk florals cost more than fresh flowers. There is something to be said about holding real flowers, it is much more memorable, how they move with the wind when you walk, the scent, how they feel when held. Silk flowers are soulless and mere props in my opinion but I am incorporating dried materials with fresh flowers such as dried palms, grasses, and pods especially for my boho lovers!

And lastly, if you could just type up what you spoke about pricing and being flexible about flower substitutions!

As with everything going up in cost, so have flowers and floral supplies -such as transportation issues, fuel costs and labor costs. Flower farms ceased production during the pandemic shut down and take at least 6 months to resume growing salable product. Some farms never reopened, the floral distribution situation is fluid and highly dependent upon mandates made or not made and environmental troubles (fires, hurricanes, earthquakes).

Be flexible in what your professional florist can obtain for the wedding to reduce stress on both ends. This past year we were able to get most of our supply list but some substitutions needed to be made. I recall a wedding, where there was a shortage of Playa Blanca wedding roses because every florist in the country wanted them during the same time frame. I got what we could get in for roses which was still many and subbed with more white ranunculus and hydrangeas –the other flowers that bride really liked, which worked out for everyone!

And if I may add –patience. Wedding professionals are working double hours especially during the prime wedding season (May-Oct). Shoot for planning consultations during the off season, after the new year is when most of our planning happens.

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