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April 27, 2021

Xee Vang

Top Tips For ‘Getting Ready’ Photos On Your Wedding Day

‘GETTING READY’ photos are so crucial to storytelling.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a ‘getting ready’ location.

I prioritize to capture all the little details, the space and lighting does matter.

1. Choose a space that has plenty of windows + lots of natural light. This is important because of how fast things happen during this time, your wedding photographer will be moving around to capture movements candidly and will need a room that already provides beautiful natural light. Discussing getting ready photos with your wedding photographer should be a priority!

2. Look into Airbnb’s/Cabins/Luxury suites that offers a distinctive space or room that suits your style will be transparent for your wedding gallery.

3. This tip is a very important one—work with your bridesmaids (and your significant other to work it out with their squad) and have a clean room when your photographer arrives! An elegant and distraction free room will help you stay organized and give your photographer more time to focus on capturing all the little details, such as your dress, invitations, jewelry, etc.

4. My last pro tip — Get ready on the same property as your significant other. This may be tough to coordinate but with a wedding planner’s help and working on your timeline, getting ready on the same property will leave out stalled time. Sometimes, photographers are stuck waiting for the arrival of parties to continue photographing the wedding day, so for a seamless day, I highly recommend this!

I hope you were able to gain some value using my top tips for ‘getting ready’ photos and whether it did or not, leave me a comment below or connect with me on the gram @wildlovepursuit

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