May 5, 2021

Micro Wedding Planning – An Ultimate Guide

Not sure where to start when planning your Micro Wedding?

Since the pandemic, many couples had to change their wedding plans to a ‘Micro Wedding’ and it’s a bummer for those who would prefer a large wedding. I’ve photographed weddings in 2020 that gave me a new perspective on weddings. Having a Micro Wedding the way you want it to be can be just as grand and beautiful.

Lucky for you, I am here to help!

  • A Micro Wedding means you can have all of the vendors and traditional elements but a smaller guest count.
  • Inviting immediate family and those closest to you who you absolutely won’t want to miss out.
  • Get creative with your outfits or stick to the traditional route, have fun with décor and truly make it your own to reflect your relationship.
  • Planning your timeline to suit your needs and focus on what truly matters.
  • Hire AWESOME vendors (the ones who are willing to go all in and help you have your dream wedding!)

What is a ‘MICRO WEDDING’?

Having a Micro Wedding is intimate but isn’t considered an Intimate Wedding —in that case, a Micro Wedding typically hosts less than 30 people or less than 10 including vendors. A Micro Wedding is for couples who are bold and creative, the details can be as small or big as you want it to be!

A smaller guest count means you are able to splurge on details such as stunning flowers, photographers, and videographers. To simply put it, a Micro Wedding’s got the ‘Traditional Wedding’ vibes but smaller.

There are so many options when choosing the Micro Wedding route:

  • A destination Micro Wedding (HECK YES!)
  • Why not make it a weekend getaway or even a whole week with your loved ones?
  • It’s a huge celebration, so why not do it —doing the things you love, including activities for your guests!

To wrap this up, you may have some hope or excitement and many unanswered questions. Feel free to reach out to me to help with any questions you may have or your photographer. Don’t feel the guilt of not having everyone you know invited to your wedding. Your wedding is a reflection of your relationship, not anyone else’s, I hope you are able to gain some value from this blog, whether you did or not —drop me a comment below!

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